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How To Start a Blog and Make Money Online in 2021

Hello Friends !

Do you want to earn money by writing blog online? Are you interested in writing a blog? So in this course you can earn money by writing your own blog from basic to advanced without spending any money.

As you would know, Blogspot is a website where you can create your own website for free by booking a domain ID in your name.

Friends, in this tutorial I have given you a theme, and in this entire course you have been told how to make a website in a good way.

The theme I have given to you is absolutely free from my side. You can access this theme full time life, and you have also been told that from where you can download and upload this theme to your website.

In this tutorial, you have been told only how to get adsense ads, but apart from adsense, the names of other 10 websites and how to get your blogger website approved by putting ads of those 10 websites on your website 10 times can earn money You will find these 10 website's names and complete tutorials in seo's tutorial.

When you watch the video, I have shown my full adsense earnings in it, it is a part of seo, adsense, edward, google analytic's tutorial you will find in seo's tutorial, so that you can get your videos to rank your blogs on google This is so that more and more people come to your website, and you can earn good money from it.

1. Getting a domain name

2. Choosing the best web hosting to host your fashion blog

3. Other essential things to do after launching a fashion blog

4. Creating a list of top fashion blogs to outreach

5. Generating revenue from your fashion blogs


How do I increase traffic and visitors to my fashion blog?

Best traffic source can be SEO as it sends you long-lasting and highly qualified visitors to your site. Here are a few more ways you can use to generate visitors to your fashion blogs in 2021.

→ Use appealing and unique images so you can submit them on image sharing sites such as Pinterest, Instagram, and so on, and image sharing sites can help you with SEO, gaining more exposure, build your brand, get more traffic, etc.
→ Promote on social media as fashion blog posts mostly go viral on sites like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, etc. If possible, create a YouTube channel where you can increase your brand and promote your Fashion related content.
→ Build an email list from day one as it can give you long-lasting results, and the email list also produces the highest ROI where it gives you $40 returns for every $1 you spend.

How to make money from a fashion blog?

There are a ton of ways to make money from fashion blogs, but the following are widely used by most fashion bloggers to generate income from their blogs.

→ Sponsorships
→ Writing product reviews of fashion products
→ Collaborations with brands
→ Selling fashion-related affiliate products
→ Selling their courses or products such as eBooks, videos, etc
→ Using AdSense kind of display ads
→ Offering services and the list goes on

What are the best fashion blogs to follow in 2021?

We’ve compiled a massive list of best Indian fashion blogs to follow where you can find a ton of fashion enthusiasts and celebrity fashion bloggers from India. Here are a few more fashion blogs that are famous worldwide.

→ The Blonde Salad
→ Man Repeller
→ Gabi Fresh
→ Tuula Vintage
→ and the list goes on

How do I start a fashion blog?

Here are five simple steps to start a fashion blog.

→ Choose the best blogging platform (prefer WordPress)
→ Select your domain name and get a hosting provider (hosting sites like Bluehost offers affordable hosting along with a free domain)
→ Install WordPress on hosting
→ Once installed, your blog is ready where you can find the perfect theme to make it appealing
→ Start creating great content to attract more traffic and money!

How to promote your fashion blog?

Here are the top 3 ways to promote your fashion blog.

→ Be active on social media.
→ Start writing guest posts.
→ Start leaving thoughtful comments on other fashion blogs.

Final Thoughts

Anyone can start a fashion blog; the real success lies in making it profitable. You cannot launch a successful fashion blog without targeting the right audience.

Get to know who you are targeting and get a professional domain name, hosting, and design for your blog.

The first impression is the last impression online. So make sure you impress your blog audience with great content and design. Also, network with other bloggers in the fashion industry to promote your blog well.

Make sure to find out all the monetization methods to make money from your blogging efforts. Making money from fashion blogs is not hard if you know how to promote the right products to your blog readers.

Thank you !

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